6 Reasons Why Many are Using Social Media to Further Online Learning

The day when a professor will conduct a recitation in social media will no longer come as a surprise. It will just be as easy as the teacher posting his questions and asking his students to comment their answers. This scenario will not be a shocker because almost everything is now posted in social media. This makes online learning excellent for some reasons.

Here are six reasons why many are using social media to further online learning.

1. It makes online learning like it is just the typical classroom setting.

When you share your thoughts about what you have learned online and share them on your social media accounts, you instantly get professors and classmates. Your friends and followers who can relate to what you have posted will also share their insights. And if it so happens that someone in your list of friends and followers has higher learning regarding the matter, he can assist you on how to study better.

2. Your knowledge is shared like they matter.

Admit it or not, likes and shares on Facebook and favorites and retweets on Twitter do make you feel appreciated. When you make your social media accounts as your outlets for your knowledge, more often than not, people who find them interesting will share them to the world. It is as if your work has been published and has been reached a broad audience. Honestly, who would not want an instant star moment?

3. Social media is an additional learning module.

Sometimes, the information you need is just in the journal articles that your friend on Facebook shared on a random day. You will be surprised how they come in handy at your unlucky day when you just can find yourself a credible material for your online course. Your friend’s saving grace does not end there. Your friend might also have shared his take on the journal article when he shared the link. His idea is a great addition in the discourses happening in your head when you think about your analysis paper.

4. Are you a visual or an auditory learner? No problem! Social media got you!

Say hello to YouTube! When you study online, it is not enough that you just read your lessons. Don’t forget that YouTube will be happy to serve you. Are you studying about world civilization? If you think that you are a visual learner, you can search videos on YouTube that will feature the events that have transpired in history. YouTube could probably even have a summary video of what you are studying. If you are more of an auditory learner, there are also audio materials available that you can listen to and learn the lesson. You can listen to them when you are commuting or when you are just bored with your playlist. Your audio materials could be just more entertaining for your nerd self.

5. Social media allows you to explore a bigger world.

It is vital for a learner to have an open mind. In social media, you get to interact and follow stories of different people with different background. In this way, you can integrate what you have learned without limiting yourself to just one side of the side. Say for example you are taking an online course regarding international relations; your friends from different parts of the world could share to you his country’s take on foreign policy. If you are in the line of medicine, you could probably have encountered various medical conditions in social media which you could share with them what you know.

6. Social media takes you outside the box.

Social media expands your network, and this gives you unlimited opportunities to learn. Social media makes you think outside the box. It makes you realize that there are pieces of an idea you find through online learning that can be of help to you in your quest for education. It provides you unlimited opportunities to learn because almost everything is shared on social media daily. You get a daily dose of politics, fitness, lifestyle, entertainment, and everything in between.

Many are drawn to social media to further online learning because it is indeed a great avenue for shared knowledge and interaction. As technology is continuously advancing, information has become more accessible to people. This way, the exchanges of thoughts are made easier.

Social media has set a new era of discourse. Online learning has been more fun and exciting because social media allowed people to learn, educate, and help others, all at the same time.

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