MDVU has taken eLearning into a whole new level. The information that it provides does not leave its customers in just a surface-level understanding. Instead, it gives an in-depth study about how education developed in the course of history. More so, MDVU features different modes of education which can be best for every type of learner.

Our Readers

  • Public and Private Educational Institutions
  • Local Government Units in Search for Alternative Learning Systems
  • Scholars and Professionals from Various Industries
  • Educators and Lecturers
  • University Students
  • All of which are actively involved eLearning programs.

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MDVU magazine offers featured articles, reviews, case studies, spotlights, interviews, snippets, column, tips, and news for readers to use to make critical eLearning decisions. Our mission is to be the top leading and most valued source for eLearning technology, strategy, and news.

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