Top 8 Benefits of E-Learning

E-learning has taken education by storm as more employers are training their staff to save costs and time. This helps learners to study their training at their own pace while the company keeps track of their progress. More than 74% of companies are reported to using e-learning while 90% of businesses found it to be very useful in training. Let’s take a better look at the benefits of online learning.

Here are the top eight advantages of E-learning.

1. Study anywhere, anytime

Online learning will enable learners to access their courses anytime, anywhere, any day. Its 24/7 access provides the flexibility that allows learners to complete their course on their own given time. This makes it more ideal as with the development of apps and technology; students can access their eLearning course without a web connection. Students can study out of town, in the car, or anytime they can.

2. Get instant results and feedback

With a real time eLearning system, you can have all your marking and certification done for you as soon as the staff has completed the course. Depending on the course, they can have access to their certificate within hours or days. It doesn’t just stop there either, as most systems will allow the instructor who manages the training to gain access to advanced real-time reports so they can keep track of the student’s progress.

3. Updated content

All e-learning courses can be easily updated just as fast as you chance your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter. As there is no printed learning material needed, updates will always be immediately posted on the course. This means that all students will have access to the most current versions of the content with all the latest updates.

4. Accessible to all ages and levels

Online learning allows individuals of all ages to gain access and start learning, no matter where they are. This means that they will have no restrictions in terms of time, enrollment deadlines, and schedules. Learners will also gain access to courses that will help them in their career, develop a new work skill and maybe even a promotion.

5. Cost efficient

Online courses mean you won’t have to pay the mysterious miscellaneous fees, library fees, etc. You also will not have to travel, join conference rooms or even change out of your pajamas. All you need is a new PC and a web connection. E-learning training will help save on cost just as it saves you time. For companies that are on a tight budget, e-learning is the perfect way to stay within the cost and check all the boxes your company needs to achieve.

The immediate cost efficiency comes from reducing training time regarding training fees, course materials, accommodation and travel. When done right, eLearning can also help improve the company’s profitability.

6. Tailored Education

Businesses can create learning plans for a great way to set out the key points that you want your learners to understand. This includes setting deadlines which also enables your audience to stay on task and know when deadlines must be completed. A tailored learning plan will provide various roles from management to responsibility holders.

All courses will have a thorough learning package that is created specifically for the learner. This will enable the students to remain focus on what they must understand and get familiarized with what they need to know. Students will gain a better attitude towards the eLearning format and training with improved results. Companies may also increase the level of their learners with the greater ability to apply the newly found knowledge or training directly on the job.

7. Eco-Friendly

A significant benefit to eLearning is how eco-friendly it is. We all have a responsibility to go green and to train online that is delivered directly to the student’s computer, or mobile will do just that. The easy to read info structure of eLearning means you will no longer need notepads, folders, and other resources as everything will be placed on a cloud-based package – saving you both money and trees.

8. Minimal Interruptions

With online learning, you can log in from any computer or smartphone device with a web connection. You won’t have to worry about finding space in your office, college or at the library. You can only grab some coffee, settle with your computer and get started with your online training.

How has eLearning benefitted you in your teaching or studies? Don’t forget to leave us a comment below.

Image produce by: Course World
Image produce by: Course World