Useful Links

MDVU fully believes in the potential of shared knowledge. Using the World Wide Web as a platform, MDVU maximizes this influential avenue to inform and share with its customers the various online learning sources that can be of help to them. The following links contain online learning trends and they can check them out for a thorough review.

Brandon Hall


This information firm provides industry data to help businesses solve their problems and detailed solutions which the businesses can operationalize on.



An association that provides detailed pieces of information about how to come up with strategic decisions with the use of information technology.

Joint Information Systems Committee


An organization that is focused on UK’s higher education and development of skills in digital services.

Learning Times


A site that offers interactive services to online learners. It conducts web conferences, events, podcasts, and the like.

Microsoft in Education


Technology giant Microsoft helps customers to discover the latest innovation that could help supplement their learning experience.


This got to be one of the most popular among online learners. This allows a learner to venture out on a lot of other educational courses which he deems appropriate and interesting for him. It offers a wide range of choices of class and courses that a customer can choose from.

These are just a few of the numerous e-learning trends that customers might want to try. In this fast-paced world where information can be accessed in just a click, the links mentioned above just made information and data gathering even quicker.